Action Phase 1: Convene and Educate

During the first phase of becoming a Dementia Friendly city we convened key community leaders and members to help them understand dementia and its implications for our community.  We then established an "Action Team" to lead our efforts.

Step 1:
Announced at the White House Conference on Aging as part of Dementia Friendly pilot program.

In July of 2015 at the White House Conference on Aging, Mayor Mitchell's effort to make Tempe Arizona's first Dementia Friendly City became an even more high-profile cause as Tempe was named one of six locations across the country selected to pilot what will eventually be a nationwide effort to designate communities as dementia friendly.

A dementia-friendly community is defined as one that is informed, safe and respectful of individuals with dementia and their families, provides supportive options, and fosters quality of life.  Read more -->

Step 2:
Began partnership with Banner Alzheimer's Institute.

Knowing that our efforts will be better served with expert guidance and support, we began working with Jan Dougherty, Banner's Director of Family and Community Services who is leading us through this effort.  Jan has brought together an amazing group of national, state, and local leaders to help make Tempe Arizona's first Dementia Friendly city.

Step 3:
Established "Action Team" of community leaders.


A team of leaders who represent each of the community sectors that are a part of our effort was established to provide structure to drive and sustain this initiative.


Step 4:
Held Dementia Friendly Tempe Community Kickoff Summit.

On March 19, Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell held a kickoff summit for Dementia Friendly Tempe at the Tempe Center for the Arts. There were over 90 people in attendance, along with members of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and representatives from the business, faith, and medical communities. Of the people in attendance, more than 1/3 had a loved one with dementia, and 7% identified as living with the dementia. 

The kickoff summit explored how Tempe can improve the lives of those with dementia and help their caregivers. The summit was not only a discussion to learn about dementia but also an assessment of Tempe’s strengths and needs to become a more dementia friendly community. Participants discussed the priorities to make Tempe the first dementia friendly city in Arizona. Together, attendees formed action plans to engage different organizations and sectors in the community.


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