Wall Street Journal Covers Dementia-Friendly Cities

The Wall Street Journal wrote a very informative article about efforts around the country to make cities dementia friendly.  Tempe gets a mention.  

The article also includes this map which shows that Arizona is expected to have the highest percentage of growth in the entire nation of people with Alzheimer's.  This is why it is so urgent that we act now to prepare for this growth in our community.


The article highlights Paynesville, Minnesota's efforts:

... in Paynesville, Minn., where a billboard announces that the town of 2,400 people is “dementia-friendly.” Businesses and first responders are trained on how to interact with people who can be forgetful or believe they are living in a previous time in their lives. A twice-monthly “Fridays and Friends” event for people with dementia and others is held for socializing and entertainment. Volunteers help people with dementia, or their caregivers, buy groceries at Teal’s Market.

Our city, and Dementia Friendly America, then are mentioned:

A national initiative dubbed Dementia Friendly America, modeled on the pathbreaking work in Minnesota, focuses initially on five pilot communities, including Tempe, Ariz., and in the state of West Virginia.

People with dementia “don’t need to be warehoused or isolated,” said Olivia Mastry, who led the Minnesota efforts and is organizing the national push. “We want them to stay in the community and support them so they can thrive.”

To read the full article click here.

And if this inspires you, sign up to volunteer with our effort in Tempe.


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